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Moad Racing is a fun 3D LowPoly car racing game. With over 10 mini-games, you can dodge traffic at full speed, race infinite races, rally games, bowl or jump with your favourite car. You can even play football with your car and a ball. Not forgetting the battle mode in the style of karting games.

Inspired by your favourite TV series and the 80's. Unlock new cars by being the fastest, get to the finish line first and beat the rival cars.

In the fun tracks with Low Poly 3D environment, you can race your favourite car from the inside cockpit view, outside of the car or area. Drift down mountain roads, or race as a toy car in a room full of toys, or in a big canyon full of curves, forests and deserts.


MoadRacing Features:

- Easy to drive and lean.
- 3D cockpit view.
- High speed racing.
- Endless game mode.
- Drive 15+ extreme 🚘 car.
- Different locations.
- Battle Mode.
- Low Poly Style.

There are 4 types of cameras: rear, helicopter, interior of the cabin and in front of the car. Drive with the one you like and change by pressing a button.


MoadRacing - Mobile Edition - MoadStudio v25.apk 52 MB
MoadRacing - MoadStudio Windows_01.rar 38 MB
MoadRacing - VR Cardboard - MoadStudio v05.apk 62 MB

Install instructions

For mobile:
-  Download the .apk file on your phone, or download and upload it to your phone.
- Click on the .apk file (you have to authorize the installation of unknown apk).
- Install it, play and enjoy.

For Windows:
- Unzip and run.
- Play and enjoy!

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