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The game that you are looking for! Live an exciting adventure in a fantastic world with The Lost Rupees VR. Fell inside the game itself with this immersive VR platformer and adventure videogame, in this third person camera virtual reality game.

Jump on the platform, fight your way with your sword to overcome the enemies, and destroy all the objects to recover and win rupees with the Chibi Hero. You are the camera and only you can help the fearless hero to pass the levels and enter in the dungeons to obtain extra power for your adventure.

The 6DoF are used to play in an extraordinary way by bringing the player inside the game. If you lean and bend slightly forward you will be able to see the character up close, if you move a little more in any direction you will be able to inspect the stage before the character arrives.

The Lost Rupees takes advantage of both a small play space and a large space.

The freedom of Quest is the best ever platform to the game, where the user can discover with The Lost Rupees the benefits of the virtual reality that Quest offers.

This demo have 4 levels, enjoy it!! Thanks for played!


Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Impact_intermezzo Call_to_Adventure Master_of_the_Feast

Enemys by Level 1 Monster Pack. PI Entertainment Limited – Assetstore.


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Lost Rupees VR - Oculus Quest - MoadStudio 202012_v1.apk 79 MB

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Totally agree w u Love this game only played demo tell me there's a full game right?😬😀 very cute and so fun lots of things to chop plz continue making more. Need links for other games u all hav avaliable also plz

We are very glad that you liked it. We would love to make it a longer and more complete game, but we don't have enough resources at the moment.

We recently released MoadRacingVR for Cardboard (not Quest), but if you have a cardboard and a game controller, it might surprise you.


Greetings and thank you very much for playing and comments!

ty I will ck it out and it's  not much but helping  u all out on the resource end, I'm excited and hope it helps now everyone who plays this do the same!! Fingers crossed on this  awesome and soon to be game!!

Thank you very much for your support! It gives us a lot of energy and motivation! We are delighted that such wonderful people like you, try and enjoy Lost Rupees.

Nothing would make us more excited than to be able to make a full 3d VR platform title. Time to time ;)

Best Regards,

This game is amazing! I love the upbeat music and the theme of the areas. I can't wait to play more levels! But the game is kinda easy. (apart from the parkour.) Maybe make an optional hard mode where your starting health is one, your max health is two, and the fairies don't spawn. That would be a challenge!

Hello! Thank you very much for playing and comments.

What you say about the hard mode is really interesting, and it would give a bit more fun.

We are not sure if we will make more levels for this game, or we will move forward with another project of this kind. Although if there is more demand we will have to consider more levels.

Thank you very much again, and we appreciate your feedback.

8-10. Very fun, I love the music and game style. This is the closest we can get to a Oculus Quest  Legend of Zelda game. I played it for like an hour, very cool.

we are really glad to hear this, thank you for share it!!

this looks cool, it looks legend of zelda inspired

Hi, thank you for the comment! Do you played it?!

Yes, we are really fans of The Legend of Zelda, and this project born like a fanart of the GB Title (where I personally spent a lot of hour played it and enjoying it), and the attempt to bring a little of that game to a 3d world, I ended up becoming this game that can be tested for Quests, and for Cardboard. Regards!

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no, i have not played it yet but i will later today!(i am also a huge legend of zelda fan lol)

We hope you enjoyed playing the game ;). It's made with a lot of love.

We are big fans of the saga, and this is a humble tribute, in compensation for so many hours of fun.

You know that in the beginning, the game was played in a 3D recreation of Maybe Village,  where you controlled a chicken to collect rupees XD. We are big Gameboy fans too.


Great Game, but its not tricky enough, i think. 

Hi there! Thank you so much for played it! and for the video.
We are glad to see you played and enjoyed it.

Best Regards!